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    Handcrafted Amish Furniture of Dayton brings you custom built, Amish crafted furniture for you and your home. Browse through our selection of living room rocking chairs to find that perfect furniture piece you’ve always wanted! Customize it the way you want to truly make it one of a kind. Contact us today for more details.

    Living Room Rocking Chairs

    39580 Comback Rocker
    39580 Daisy Rocker
    57411 Auntie’s Rocker Wide
    57411 Grandma’s Rocker
    57411 Grandma’s Rocker Wide
    57411 London Rocker
    57411 Lincoln Rocker
    57411 Lewis Rocker
    57411 Mission Rocker
    62049 Arrow Back Rocker
    62049 Old South Rocker
    64143 Tiverton Rocker
    64143 Mission Rocker
    64143 Shaker Rocker
    75948 Bent Oak Rocker
    75948 Adult Rocker
    75948 Adult Rocker
    39580 Daisy Rocker
    39580 Comback Rocker

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