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    Handcrafted Amish Furniture of Dayton brings you custom built, Amish crafted furniture for you and your home. Browse through our selection of office accessories to find that perfect furniture piece you’ve always wanted! Customize it the way you want to truly make it one of a kind. Contact us today for more details.

    Office Accessories

    39580 3 Basket Upright Mission Shelf
    39580 2 Basket Upright Mission Shelf
    57411 Footstool
    57411 Little Tod Footstool
    57411 Mission Footstool
    57411 Resto Footrest with Adjustable Tilt
    57411 Tommy Footstool (Rocking)
    57411 Terry Footstool (Non-Rocking)
    57607 Wall Magazine Rack
    57607 19 Inch 3-Tier Stand
    57607 19 Inch 4-Tier Stand
    57607 12 Inch 3-Tier Square Stand
    57607 3-Tier Stand
    57607 4-Tier Square Stand
    57607 25 Inch 4-Tier Stand
    57607 Small 3-Tier Corner Stand
    57607 Large 3-Tier Corner Stand
    57607 Small 4-Tier Corner Stand
    57607 Large 4-Tier Corner Stand
    57607 Small 3-Tier Half Round Stand
    57607 Small 4-Tier Half Round Stand
    57607 Large 3-Tier Half Round Stand
    57607 Large 4-Tier Half Round Stand
    57607 Narrow Letter Holder
    57607 Wide Letter Holder
    85920 Mission Desk Set
    85920 Tambour Desk Clock
    62049 Upholstered Office Bench with Queen Anne Legs

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