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    Browse our wide selection of quilt holders in your search for quality furniture! Handcrafted Amish Furniture of Dayton offers products from over 30+ local furniture builders. Each one has been hand-picked for their commitment to premium quality furniture. All of our furniture can be customized to your exact specifications. Contact us today to get started!

    Specialty Items Quilt Holders

    40390 Mission Quilt Rack
    40390 Quilt Clamp
    40390 Quilt Clamp Shelf
    40390 Quilt Rack
    40390 Mission Quilt Shelf
    40390 Quilt Shelf
    40390 Quilt Shelf with Rail
    57607 Quilt Shelves
    57607 Quilt Holders
    57607 Mission Quilt Stand
    57607 Plain Quilt Stand
    57607 Open End Quilt Stand
    57607 Slant Quilt Stand
    57607 Waterfall Quilt Stand
    62049 Large Quilt Case
    62049 Medium Quilt Case
    62049 Enclosed Base Quilt Curio

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